Nov 21, 2007

Market Profile - Diane James Designs

Throw all your pre-conceived notions about faux-flowers out the window. With Diane James Designs you'll swear these imitations came direct from the local florist - she is definitely the "it" lady to go to when it comes to this stuff. Custom designs, along with corporate and movie-set plantscaping, Diane does it all. With all of your holiday and party planning to do, wilting flowers will be one less thing to worry about! Note to Diane - Love the flowers, but can we talk about the vases - perfection to the end!

Diane James - Available online and in stores nationwide


Anonymous said...

Hello! We love your blog and appreciate the wonderful critique on our products. Thank you for the support and have a wonderful holiday!

Carolyn James McDonough
Diane James Designs

Solana said...

Thanks for writing this.