Nov 30, 2007

Market Profile - Bodum

My friend who is a coffee addict, swears by Bodum's French Press. Abandoning his electric coffee-maker, apparently the French Press produces a richer and fresher tasting cup of joe. So in honor of all the coffee drinkers out there, I've picked a selection to cover all your Bodum needs at home and on the go!

All available through www.BodumUSA.com
Chambord Double-wall Press 34 oz $89.95
Chambord Press 17 oz $24.95
Chambord Press 12 oz $19.95
Travel Press 16 oz $17.95
Brazil Press 12 oz $11.95
Assum Double-wall Glasses 7 oz $14.95 /set of 2
Bistro Double-wall Mugs 10 oz $24.95 /set of 2

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love Bodum stuff.