Nov 19, 2010

Love it! - Holiday stationery

For all your Holiday stationery needs, there is a one-stop website shop that you need to know, BoatmanGeller.com. Family photo cards, Address labels, Wine tags, Recipe Cards - the wish list goes on!!


Nov 2, 2010

Love it! - Zebra ottoman

If you follow my blog, you know I die for a touch of zebra. Here is just another way to incorporate it into your home. A gorgeous stenciled hide ottoman from The Source Collection. Best used in place of a coffee table - sit a tray atop with books a vase and decorative box.

www.SourceCollection.com - Zebra Ottoman $1999

Nov 1, 2010

Love it! - Sale duvet covers

When it comes to duvet covers, I only buy mine from one source, WestElm and I was just at the store yesterday to see that they're having a sale on most in-store duvets, but these were two of my faves. You can never go wrong with a beige geometric or earthy print. Regardless of your ever changing room decor, they are bound to match!