Nov 19, 2010

Love it! - Holiday stationery

For all your Holiday stationery needs, there is a one-stop website shop that you need to know, BoatmanGeller.com. Family photo cards, Address labels, Wine tags, Recipe Cards - the wish list goes on!!


Nov 2, 2010

Love it! - Zebra ottoman

If you follow my blog, you know I die for a touch of zebra. Here is just another way to incorporate it into your home. A gorgeous stenciled hide ottoman from The Source Collection. Best used in place of a coffee table - sit a tray atop with books a vase and decorative box.

www.SourceCollection.com - Zebra Ottoman $1999

Nov 1, 2010

Love it! - Sale duvet covers

When it comes to duvet covers, I only buy mine from one source, WestElm and I was just at the store yesterday to see that they're having a sale on most in-store duvets, but these were two of my faves. You can never go wrong with a beige geometric or earthy print. Regardless of your ever changing room decor, they are bound to match!


Oct 11, 2010

Love it! - Zebra cowhide rug

I must say I'm a sucker for a zebra print anything - but when I was at my local WestElm the other day I found myself standing atop this gorge zebra cowhide rug! Now I admit, many years ago such a hide used to gross me out a tad, but years of design magazines later have warmed me up to the idea of one. Maybe beneath my corner of conversational arm chairs - a chic nook that would make eh?!

www.WestElm.com - Zebra Cowhide $599

Oct 7, 2010

Love it! - Leather chair

I saw this chair at Restoration Hardware paired with a desk and adored its fully wrapped leather look with belt buckle detailing - very Ralph Lauren! I couldn't stop thinking how amazing it look with age and wear. But don't get stuck on it as a desk chair, I would prefer a pair opposite a sofa - now that's double the pleasure!

RestorationHardware.com - Buckle Chair $695

Sep 24, 2010

Love it! - Lacquer desk

For only $499, this white lacquered desk from ZGallerie.com is a steal! Clean looks, sleek lines and with 2 draws, its form and function at its best!

www.ZGallerie.com - Jett Desk $499

Sep 19, 2010

Love it! - Armchair

I was recently leafing through a design magazine when I saw a Crate & Barrel advertisement featuring this gorgeous armchair - I took note to blog! Nothing says luxe more than a classic leather armchair silhouette with brass nails and hair-on-hide leather upholstering - don't you just want to curl up! The neutral beige coloring is so soothing to the eye and bound to blend yet be a standout piece in any space!

www.Crateandbarrel.com - Metropole Chair $2,499

Sep 17, 2010

Love it! - Stemware

So I just purchased some new stemware at CB2 - the short wine to be exact. I love a minimal cylindrical form and because it has a casual low stem, it would make a perfect water or juice glass as well - versatile and chic!

www.cb2.com - Pillare Stemware

Sep 13, 2010

Love it! - Desk

Not only do you get a cool minimal industrial look with this desk from Crate & Barrel but you're also doing good for the environment - it's partially reclaimed wood. The steel legs help to give it a contemporary look at the same time!

www.CrateandBarrel.com - Hendrix Desk $1299

Sep 7, 2010

Love it! - Dining table

As far as round dining tables go, I haven't seen one as chic as this for a looooong time! Did a double take and that's a clear sign I need to blog! LOOOOVE the four turned lacquered legs, a modern take on a traditional silhouette and replacing the usual pedestal base - so clever! For only $399 - ZGallerie.com got it so right with this piece!

www.ZGallerie.com - Silhouette Dining Table $399 (48"x29"Ht)

Love it! - Melamine plates

As if they already didn't have it all, they have the cutest 10" melamine plates perfect for any party. But who said a casual party had to look cheap - with chic patterns and color combinations, Boatman Geller doesn't sacrifice any of the style for a great looking soiree for your kids birthdays, holidays to your adult dinner parties!

www.BoatmanGeller.com 10" Melamine Plates

Sep 3, 2010

Style Story - Bamboo mirrors

A taste of the far east never hurt a space. Especially if it were in the form of one of these mirrors from Neiman Marcus. The Chinoiserie bamboo mirror has classically been a sign of high style in a European room but these days mixing it into a traditional to modern space is just a cool.

www.NeimanMarcus.com - all available

Sep 2, 2010

Love it! - Dinnerware

There's something to be said for great merchandising - well instead of saying it, I just took photos of their new dinnerware collections at the Westelm store - take your pick, mix and match - you can't go wrong!

www.Westelm.com - all available

Aug 6, 2010

Love it! - Console

When I see a piece of furniture and do a double-take, I know it's something I need to blog about! This highly architectural console table has all the dynamics to bring a flat wall to life. With angled geometric supports reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower, the industrial steel piece represents duality in form and function - a complicated yet simple table in which to sit a vase of flowers and catchall bowl.
www.ModernDose.com - Trestle COnsole $775

Aug 2, 2010

Love it! - Console table

From jewelry to furniture, Lucite and the 70's is here to stay! A super chic and sleek material that always adds a bit of cool to a space. Always a nod to mid-century design, no need for a shag rug - just a little transparency to make a small space appear larger!

www.CB2.com - Peekabo clear console $349

Jul 29, 2010

Market Profile - Boatman Geller

Boatman Geller is having their largest sale ever! Pretty convenient considering their my fave company in all things paper - note cards, wine tags, address stickers, luggage tags, melamine plates and other cute hostess gifts!


Love it! - Silver side table

I wish I hadn't reached my max of allotted side tables because I would be adding one more! To incorporate just a touch a glamore to any space, the best is a little shine - for example this silver leaf chinoiserie, cabriole-legged table. It's like adding a little sequins to an outfit!

www.EthanAllen.com - Silver Leaf Five Leg Table $429

Jul 15, 2010

Love it! - Gold pouf

Nothing says glamour like a bit of gold - add a touch of it in this leather ottoman that can double as a small side table or stool. Move it about your room for that touch a pizazz!

www.ModernDose.com - Gold Leather Pouf $335

Jul 14, 2010

Love it! - Mirror

A quick way to change and incorporate design interest to a space is by adding a real statement piece like this Baroque mirror. The high gloss white will blend with any color palette but its ornate silhouette will bring a true focal point. Fun, romantic, classical - take the plunge and for only $349, just change it out after a couple seasons!

www.ZGallerie.com - Angelique Mirror $349

Jul 12, 2010

Love it! - Throw SALE!

So you might be wondering why I'm posting about throw blankets in the middle of a heat wave, but I had to post about them because I happen to have one of each and they're now on sale - though I bought them full price! I have the chenille on my sofa and the plush in my bedroom and they are simply the best - how could I not spread the word?!