Feb 29, 2008

Love it! - Jonathan Adler wallpaper

Just when you think he's done it all, Jonathan Adler comes out with his first collection of wallpapers. Chic bamboo lattice, nautical rope and other classic patterns - they're a seamless extension of his furniture and accessory lines. I wouldn't expect anything less!


Love it! - Wood buckets

If you're lucky enough to have outdoor living space, then these rustic buckets will really come in handy. Use as log holders, insert potted plants, organize gardening tools, separate your recyclables, or use them to collect fruits, like apples and peaches.

Rustic Wood Buckets - www.Mothology.com
Clink on above link, buckets are second picture down on right.

Feb 28, 2008

Love it! - Glass pitcher and glasses

How eye-catching are these glasses and pitcher. The shape created from the solid negative space gives them such an edgy and modern appeal. I've never seen anything like them!

Italian Brunch Glasses & Pitcher - www.Gumps.com
Pitcher $60
Glasses set/4 $80

Love it! - Bamboo dining set

Add a little Asian flare if you want a more stylized home. The faux bamboo and lattice patterns will add classical design interest and a fresh look straight from the pages of all the design magazines.

White Dynasty Dining Table 44"dia. $795
White Dynasty Chairs $525 each

Feb 27, 2008

Love it! - Grass mug

Talk about a cup of fresh air! A fun Spring/Summer mug, I love the faux bois handle, grass pattern and the unexpected surprise of a little friend. Too cute!

Mug with Grass $120/set of 4 - www.HomeJamesEastHampton.com

Feb 26, 2008

Love it! - Retro steel desks

If you're looking for a retro mid-century metal desk, RetroOffice.com is the place to go. They take vintage desks and totally restore them like a well tuned car. The best part is that like a car, you can customize the colors of the draws, desktop and body. Any color combination you like, I would do all white! They even have an interactive color changer to give you an idea of the finished product. How cool is that?!


Love it! - Lacquer bed tray

How great is this sleek lacquer bed tray that converts to a flat table tray! Clean, fresh and versitile - take it from the bed to the living room, you can't loose.

Lacquer Bed Tray $49.95 - www.CrateAndBarrel.com

Feb 25, 2008

Love it! - Pitcher and ice bucket

How could you not love the American cottage style of Ralph Lauren Home's ceramic pitcher and matching ice bucket. For me, the contrast of the removable woven rattan handle to the stoneware is the true appeal.

Tideshead Pitcher $125
Tideshead Ice Bucket $125

Love it! - Asian console table

Love the Asian fretwork and bold red color of this console table. Small enough to fit in a tight foyer space or to fill empty wall space in a living room. Its beautifully intricate design and detailing makes for a strong and stylish statement, allowing this piece to stand completely on its own.

Cathay Console $549.99 - www.Gumps.com
Note: this is a sale price, so act fast!

Feb 22, 2008

Love it! - Marla Dawn tea for two

Have you ever seen a double-spouted tea pot? I haven't. This porcelain teapot comes with two cups and a saucer. What a smart and unique idea - serve your guests in half the time!

Note: Available in 4 patterns.
See website for a list of retailers in your area or call; 818-980-4484

Love it! - His & Hers candles

Love these His and Hers candles from Illume. Perfect for a couple, put one on each of your nightstands and let the fragrances merge! Or a perfect gift for any guy in your life. If he thinks candles are too feminine, he won't once he sees it's meant just for him! They are both slightly different, Hers obviously a little more feminine and His a bit more musky, but overall a light romantic blend of Tahitian vanilla, spun sugar and a hint of coconut cream.

His & Hers Boxed Glass Candles $20 each - www.IllumeCandles.com
Note: also available in pillars and small tins

Feb 21, 2008

Love it! - Portable grill

How cool is this portable tabletop grill. Take it to the beach, park, your patio or backyard. It's compact and ready to grill your favorites. It doesn't get any more convenient than this!

Eva Solo's Table Grill $260 - www.AplusRstore.com

Love it! - Teak mats

If you're into the earthy, minimal look, then you'll love the zen appeal of these slatted teak mats. Available in a placemat, coaster, trivet or runner. Great for indoors or out, they'll only get better with age!

Teak Slat Mats $14-$70 - www.TheGardener.com

Feb 20, 2008

Love it! - Alessi metal baskets

Tired of the typical woven baskets? Looking for something a bit more modern to hold your fruit or bread - well the MoMA Store has partnered with Alessi to re-release some of their archived mid-century designs. These two metal baskets are perfect for the summer and will brighten up any table or countertop!


Feb 19, 2008

Love it! - Mandarin teapot and plates

What a wonderful setting to host tea and desert with your closest friends. Love the Asian floral pattern and bamboo handle of the teapot, mixed with the eye-popping colors of the desert plates. It all looks so appetizing, even without the dessert!

Mandarin 5-piece Tea set $99.99 - www.RalphLauren.com
Mandarin set of 4 Desert plates $74.99 - www.RalphLauren.com
Note: These are sale prices, so act fast!

Love it! - Tealight holders

When I saw these tealight holders, I was reminded of a posting I had done about drinking glasses incased in glass shells(Click for that posting) I thought these handblown candleholders from Crate & Barrel presented a beautifully graceful way to create an ambiance.

Crate & Barrel
Pixie Candleholder $9.95 each
Piper Candleholder $2.95-3.95

Feb 15, 2008

Love it! - Tortoise shell glassware

Unique, fun, stylish, unexpected - I can go on! Great for entertaining indoors or out, what a chic way to serve your beverage of coice. How often do you see tortoise shell glassware? Impress guests with your hi-style taste!

Tortoise Pitcher $28
Tortoise Medium Glass $10.50 each

Love it! - Diamond mats

These diamond mats are perfect for your kitchen, laundry room, front door or back porch. Love the colors, durable weave and graphic pattern. And when they get dirty, just throw them in the wash - how easy is that?

Porch Diamond Mats $28 and up - www.RoomServiceHome.com

Feb 14, 2008

Love it! - Cane baskets

You absolutely can't beat the price of these super-cute cane baskets. Great for summer tabletop decorating, they're also great for presenting gifts. Jars of jam, plants, fruit, muffins - forget the wrapping paper, just tie a big bow on them and you're good to go!

Oval Cane Baskets Set/3 $28 - www.CarolyneRoehm.com

Love it! - John Brauer design

Pretty clever huh? Your crumpled papers won't stand out as much when you're throwing them in this crumpled wastebasket. And I love how the design was translated into a matching pencil cup.

Available in 4 colors at: www.UnicaHome.com
Wastebasket $52
Pencil Cup $21

Feb 13, 2008

Style Story - Bulletin boards

If you're like me, your home office and bedroom is a constant mess! Unable to find receipts, stamps, to-do-lists, lottery tickets, business cards, take-out menues? Well get some bulletin boards and start pinning away! A great way to organize your rooms, and unlike the boring generic types, these style-conscious boards won't be a sore spot.

First 3 boards available at: www.PotteryBarn.com
Last 2 boards available at: www.BallardDesigns.com

Love it! - Plastic-free Push pins

Is anyone else bored with those typical plastic push pins at every office supply store? I am, which is why I love these eco-friendly plastic alternatives. For a look that's a little more high-end and rustic, try wood or aluminum.

Hardwood & Aluminum Pushpins - The Container Store

Feb 12, 2008

Love it! - Santa Maria Novella's potpourri

After receiving this hi-end potpourri as a gift, I was hook'd. The scent is rich, mature, natural and the perfect balance of musk and spice. Have it everywhere in my home! Sold in a variety of packaging, it's a blend of herbs and flowers all grown without pesticides in the Florentine hills. Each batch is collected by hand and then soaked in essence in enormous centuries-old earthenware jars, sealed with wax, then aged for several months. It lasts 9 to 12 months and repels moths and insects. This isn't the cheap stuff, no synthetic fragrances and all ingredients are 100% organic and pesticide free.

Santa Maria Novella Potpourri $30 and up - www.LafcoNY.com

Love it! - Open weave baskets

For a less heavy and more airy look, try using these open weave baskets for storage. Stay organized while keeping their contents easily identifiable.

Open Weave Baskets $14.95 and up - www.CB2.com

Feb 11, 2008

Love it! - www.GreenDimes.com

So I just signed up for a really great service that I just had to share with you all. It's called GreenDimes and it serves to end 90% of the junk mail you receive in the mail - the unsolicited offers, generic "Dear resident" mail and unwanted catalogs of your choice - all wasted paper that you end up throwing away. Since its start in September 2006 - they've helped 185,888 people, have stopped 492,400 catalogs, saved/planted 969,115 trees and stopped 3,096,813 pounds of junk mail. It only cost $20 for the year and in addition to ending your junk mail, with that $20 they will also plant 10 trees on your behalf through non-profit tree-planting partners. For each household address, you can list all the names you don't want receiving junk mail. It does not automatically cancel your catalogs, for that you would sign in to your account that you create after paying the $20 and then you can individually list the catalogs you don't want to receive. Green Dimes will have your name(s) removed from those mailing lists.

Please consider it or at least visit the website and check it out for yourself, it is sooooo easy to do! I signed up in 5 minutes and the site is really easy to read, understand and use. The actor Matt Damon who received the service as a gift from a friend was so impressed that he joined the company's Board and has helped to promote it. Please forward this posting to your friends as well, together we can make a difference!

(Copy this link to send your friends directly to this posting on Dose of Design)

Feb 8, 2008

Love it! - Turkish pillows

Make a graphic statement with these Turkish-patterned throw pillows. They're fresh, great for Spring and Summer and make a stylish statement without screaming.

Linen Embroidered Pillows $68-$78 - Williams-Sonoma Home