Sep 26, 2008

Love it! - Dynasty needlepoint rug

After I saw this "Dynasty" needlepoint rug on SourcePerrier.com, I nearly fell in love! The detailing of the characters, motifs, colors, geometic border and the uniqueness as far as area rugs go - it's definitely a DOD pick! Here's a tip - do a glass coffee table so as to not cover the design!


Sep 25, 2008

Love it! - Leather chaise

The man in your life will be loving you with this quilted leather chaise by Wisteria.com. Contoured to your every curve, I've never seen leather look so comfortable. A perfect blend of aged leather and a modern silhouette, it's becoming of any style decor.


Sep 24, 2008

Love it! - Yellow zebra wing chair

When it come to zebra print, it's usually a hit or a miss ... you either love it or hate it. But of all the zebra print furniture I've seen, this chair from Horchow.com is the most appealing. Not only do I love the silhouette of a classic wing chair, but juxtaposed with a gorgeous yellow color way, it's less literal and makes the statement without screaming "ZEBRA!"
BTW - if you read my post yesterday, Horchow.com has extended their "one day 20% sale" into today as well!


Sep 23, 2008

Love it! - Horchow 20% off sale today only!

I've recently been blogging about some of my faves at Horchow.com - which is why I was so excited to receive an email today announcing their one day only 20% off sale!

Sep 19, 2008

Love it! - "Riveting" mirror

Industrial, unique, masculine, medieval, yet surprisingly contemporary because of the sleekly adorned rivets - stay with me on this one! What I love about design is mixing styles, materials and periods to create a multi-dimensional space. While a little on the rough side, the pearl-like rivets definitely soften up the facade. This mirror really caught my eye (no pun intended) and I couldn't stop staring. What an unexpected show stopper!


Sep 18, 2008

Love it! - Pagoda planter

I have been eyeing this stunning wall planter for many months and as much as I love it, unfortunately it's not within my budget. I was originally thinking of placing it on my garden wall, but then I thought it would be really chic inside my home, possibly in my bathroom. Just fill it with succulents which thrive well indoors and with little sun light and water. Horchow, please put it on sale soon!!!


Sep 17, 2008

Style Story - Chandeliers

If you don't already know Horchow.com, get to know them! So I'm really into chandeliers at the moment. They are one of the easiest pieces you can add to a space, be it the living, dining or bedroom, to create an instant focal point. They look chic in an overly designed space, as well as adding design interest to one that is lacking. From contemporary and traditional to transitional, you can't lose. Remember, when you design a space, don't only think on a horizontal plane, but think vertically as well - here are my faves from Horchow, let your inner glamour out!


Sep 16, 2008

Project - DIY end tables to coffee tables

So my re-design continues! Last week I happened upon an antique store and found these two fabulous rattan end tables with glass-tops, 22.5" in height. I loved the symmetrical geometric pattern of the bent rattan from the top view, but was in no need of end tables, rather a new coffee table. Well this is where you think outside of the box. I immediately saw the potential of sawing down the legs and creating a pair of coffee tables. I purchased them together for $160 and with a $15 saw I picked up at Home Depot, I had the 18.5" standard coffee table height I wanted. Measuring 4 inches from the bottom of the legs, I wrapped painters tape as a guide and started sawing - now you'd bet they were originally coffee tables! :)

Sep 15, 2008

Project - DIY Coffee table book art

Months ago I blogged about a gorgeous coffee table book called, Chinoiseries which gives the history of Asian Pagodas, accompanied by to-die-for illustrations. So when it came time to create more art for my re-designed home this summer, I knew I wanted to feature some of my faves. Instead of cutting up my book, I simply went to Kinkos and made color photo copies. Along with $10, 8x10 gold frames, I now have a hi-end looking art display!

Sep 10, 2008

Love it! - Restoration Hardware lighting sale

One of my favorite times of the year is the Restoration Hardware lighting sale. All lamps are currently discounted and I've already bought mine - The Library Accent lamp in antique brass, to sit atop my new french style bureau.

Library Accent and Table Lamps

Sep 9, 2008

Love it! - Pagoda candle holder

I just bought two of the smaller ceramic Pagoda candle holders at Z Gallerie. They give off a beautiful glow through the cut-outs creating a mood that's pure zen! Just lift the rooftop off and place tea lights or a taller pillar candle.


Sep 8, 2008

Love it! - Regency headboard

What do you get when you cross Pottery Barn with Domino magazine - this chic Regency lattice headboard! What a departure for good old-fashioned PB. If I didn't already love my padded headboard, I would totally buy this one in a heartbeat!


Sep 5, 2008

Market Profile - Mad Imports bags

Though Summer is almost over, the good thing are the end of Summer sales! MadImports.org is currently having a sale on select bags and offering $20 off full priced bags (just enter "SEPTEMBER" at checkout. Stock up for next Spring, or gifts for Christmas. No one ever said you can't give presents for an upcoming season!

Sep 4, 2008

Style Story - My desk!

So I was recently asked by Whitney English, a stationery designer, to be a part of her new blog. She wanted to feature the desks of her favorite design bloggers. I was flattered and so I obliged her with an honest photo of my desk, as is (really had to contemplate the idea of that!) So for all of MY readers, here's a glimpse into my world. This is what Whitney wrote in her blog:

"We loved Dose of Design's transparent twist on desk. 'Dose' is an interior designer, graphic designer and magazine editor, and from this image, you can immediately pick up on the breakneck pace her career keeps her on. In her words:

'Here is a pic of my office/desk exactly as it is, I did not change it, prop it, or clean it up for the sake of a "prettier" pic. It is an honest view of my desk and sadly how I work!'

Not sad, just realistic! Design is found in the crevices of everyday life. You will quickly determine where chic exists: the yellow roses (print or painting?) on the top left corner of the bulletin board; Chippendale chairs on the inspiration board; warm yellow upholstery on darling French chair; Lucite lamp and sunburst mirror."

Sep 3, 2008

Project - DIY Spray painted Regency mirror

I bought this classic faux bamboo mirror on EBay for $97, but it was in need of a serious face lift. I wanted a look that was a bit more modern and dramatic. I considered a modern light-blue, but ultimately decided on a neutral chocolate-brown that would match any future decor change. Step one was taping and covering the glass mirror and priming the frame white. I then used Montana matte brown spray paint. Last was Montana glossy lacquer which sprays on very wet, but eventually dries into a nice glossy shell and voila! Jonathan Adler - watch out!

NOTE: Always spray paint outdoors in a well ventilated area and use a mask or cover your mouth and nose with a cloth. The odor is VERY toxic and children should NOT be in the vicinity.

Sep 2, 2008

Love it! - Eclectic chic

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