Sep 3, 2008

Project - DIY Spray painted Regency mirror

I bought this classic faux bamboo mirror on EBay for $97, but it was in need of a serious face lift. I wanted a look that was a bit more modern and dramatic. I considered a modern light-blue, but ultimately decided on a neutral chocolate-brown that would match any future decor change. Step one was taping and covering the glass mirror and priming the frame white. I then used Montana matte brown spray paint. Last was Montana glossy lacquer which sprays on very wet, but eventually dries into a nice glossy shell and voila! Jonathan Adler - watch out!

NOTE: Always spray paint outdoors in a well ventilated area and use a mask or cover your mouth and nose with a cloth. The odor is VERY toxic and children should NOT be in the vicinity.

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TonicHome said...

Wow, that turned out really great. Love the color you picked too!