Sep 4, 2008

Style Story - My desk!

So I was recently asked by Whitney English, a stationery designer, to be a part of her new blog. She wanted to feature the desks of her favorite design bloggers. I was flattered and so I obliged her with an honest photo of my desk, as is (really had to contemplate the idea of that!) So for all of MY readers, here's a glimpse into my world. This is what Whitney wrote in her blog:

"We loved Dose of Design's transparent twist on desk. 'Dose' is an interior designer, graphic designer and magazine editor, and from this image, you can immediately pick up on the breakneck pace her career keeps her on. In her words:

'Here is a pic of my office/desk exactly as it is, I did not change it, prop it, or clean it up for the sake of a "prettier" pic. It is an honest view of my desk and sadly how I work!'

Not sad, just realistic! Design is found in the crevices of everyday life. You will quickly determine where chic exists: the yellow roses (print or painting?) on the top left corner of the bulletin board; Chippendale chairs on the inspiration board; warm yellow upholstery on darling French chair; Lucite lamp and sunburst mirror."


karey m. said...

had to kirtsy this.


you are honest and cool and i am a fan.

your new stalker, karey m.

Designher Momma said...

this looks much like mine....except if you pan out I have about 5 HUGE stacks of carpet surrounding me.

Autumn said...

Wow, I love honesty! Wish I was I didn't mind sharing a photo of my desk!

MaryBeth said...

Just saw this post of your desk, love it but what is up with the ketchup? xo, MB