Mar 31, 2010

Love it! - Graphic throw pillow patterns

So my favorite throw pillow source just released their newest designs and because they are limited editions, I always have to let my readers know ASAP before they're snatched up - and with these uber stylish patterns, some of the best I've seen from Pillow Pagoda - you need to grab them fast! Love the red Chain links :)

Pillow Pagoda - click link

Mar 30, 2010

Love it! - Bathroom hook

So you might be wondering why I posted 2 hooks? Well they are both from Pottery Barn, and I actually have the second double hook in my bathroom next to my towel bar. Like the photos, my bathroom is all white tiles with white towels and if you're like me, you bring a dozen garments in with you to the shower, robes, pajamas - you change out of your street clothes and so I end up needing more hook space. As you can imagine, when I saw this NEW 5-arm hook, I thought how perfect that would be in keeping my garments organized!


Mar 26, 2010

Love it! - Carved bamboo bed

If only I lived in a 10 bedroom estate, I could purchase all of the beds I love - if not to sleep in, just to look at! But unfortunately I do not, so I will just have to be content with blogging about them! This English bamboo carved bed specifically in white is so versatile it can work in a traditional room or be the one detailed piece in a fresh, light contemporary space. Likewise, would be great in both a children's room or adult.

Williams Sonoma Home: www.WShome.com - Hampstead Bed $2762-$3017

Mar 25, 2010

Love it! - Planter

With the first day of Spring last Saturday and seeing the trees in my neighborhood starting to blossom, I was happy to begin my garden posts with this fantastic English planter. Perfect for a ball or spiral topiary, the embossed design looks like a garden layout in plan view!

www.Wisteria.com - small-large $99-$199

Mar 24, 2010

Love it! - Chain link pillar holders

If you haven't been under a fashion rock, then you've seen Michael Kors' fabulous thick chain link necklace - which I adore! In terms of interiors, I've always loved textiles with a chain link patten - so you can imagine my delight when I happened across these pillar holders at Zgallerie.com. A tabletop setting with the varying heights aligned the center - so chic!

www.Zgallerie.com - Link Pillar Holders 12"-15" $30-$35
Chainlink Necklace by Michael Kors $700

Mar 23, 2010

Love it! - Ethnic candle lanterns

Discovering the vibrant spice colors of these Middle Eastern style lanterns have me thinking, Summer soiree! Indoors or out, these metal candle holders throughout your patio, garden, hanging from tree limbs or atop your indoor ledges and tables will be sure to create a magical night! - and can you believe they are only $8 and $15 for a 10"-18"!

www.Zgallerie.com - Casablanca Lanterns $7.95 - 14.95 (6 colors)

Love it! - Chippendale headboard

The crazy thing is that I blogged about this ultra chic headboard by Pottery Barn over a year ago. The Chippendale lattice pattern is a classic we're seeing in textiles, wall coverings and throughout every major interior design magazine. Well, over a year later I was ecstatic to see it has finally gone on sale - I immediately had to update my readers! Act fast - only full size is left!

www.PotteryBarn.com - Everett Headboard - (Full Size only)$499.99

Mar 22, 2010

Love it! - Madrid, SPAIN!

I just returned from my holiday in Madrid, Spain! And I am posting my photos to share my design inspirations. Not always found in the expected places, sometimes they're in the mundane and often overlooked details. Be it the vibrant fruit display in a sidewalk shop, the greek key border of a glass window, the brass chainlinks closing off a walkway, stunning hunter green doors to a residence, mosaic tile siding of a tapas restaurant, elephant cornices of an industrial city building, or the parterre's of the Palace Royal. Design, form, color, and texture are everywhere we look - and in Madrid, inspiration was lurking around every corner :)