Apr 30, 2008

Love it! - Cane rug

Love the cool cane pattern of this indoor/outdoor rug. The geometry is graphic and interesting enough, but not the to point of dizziness!

Cane Rug indoor/outdoor 5'x8' $269.95 - www.ZGallerie.com

Apr 29, 2008

Love it! - Tonic Home pillows

One of the easiest things you can do to completely change the vibe of a room is to replace your throw pillows. I'm a true believer in seasonal changes. They're affordable enough to do and takes all of 5 seconds to fluff! Check out these cool patterns from Tonic Home.

Tonic Home Pillows $125-$185 - www.TonicHome.com

Apr 28, 2008

Love it! - Tents

As a young child I remember making tents and forts out of large cardboard boxes and blankets draped over chairs - but they never looked like these! All I have to say is wow! How fun if you have the space for it - create an outdoor entertaining space with real ambiance and style. And for the price, now that's a deal!

Pavilion Veranda $499 - www.ZGallerie.com

Apr 25, 2008

Love it! - Suzani outdoor pillows

What's not a better way to bring fun and vibrancy to the outdoors than these Suzani outdoor pillows. So eye-catching you won't want to go back inside!

Suzani Outdoor Pillow $32-$38 - Pottery Barn

Love it! - Braided rug

Love the equestrian and nautical vibe of these braided rugs. If you're looking for some pattern to bring life to a room, these will definitely do it but in the most stylishly contemporary yet classic of ways!

Braid Rug $149-$799 - Pottery Barn

Apr 24, 2008

Love it! - Ceramic baskets

How could you not love these baskets perfect for bread or fruit?! Fabulous colors, beautifully woven, but ceramic - how brilliant! Any table top would be lucky to have it.

Oval Stoneware Baskets $49 each - www.Williams-Sonoma.com

Love it! - Faux bois mirror

So faux-bois has been really hot for the past few years, but I never seem to tire of it! The appeal with this mirror is its natural, earthy look and texture, but in contrast with its white-wash, it becomes totally contemporary.

Faux Bois Mirror $249 - West Elm

Apr 23, 2008

Market Profile - Arthur Lauer outdoor furniture

Spring is here and if you're lucky enough to have a patio or backyard, then fill it with a selection of great pieces from Arthur Lauer. Classic, hi-quality outdoor furniture and fun styles for your every need. And just when you thought they couldn't get better, they also use eco-friendly sustainable materials.


Apr 22, 2008

Love it! - Pedestal table

You can never go wrong with a simple pedestal table. Befitting of a contemporary or traditional space, they blend quietly while adding just the right amount of design interest.

Rustic Pedestal Table $299 - Pottery Barn

Love it! - White tray

So I see dozens of simple lacquered trays, but what made this one special was the metal detailing. Sometimes it's the simplest little addition that can completely transform a product from looking common and inexpensive, to hi-end and chic!

Naha Tray $39.95 - www.CB2.com

Apr 21, 2008

Love it! - Woven stool

The important thing to remember about good design is diversifying the materials, colors, silhouettes and styles - that's what makes for an interesting setting. Instead of the common ceramic garden stool that we're seeing everywhere, try one of these woven stools in place of - for just a simple side table or stool, these will be quite the fun conversation piece!

Taj Stool $79 each - pottery Barn

Love it! - Mugs

What I love about these porcelain mugs are the combination of color and ethnic pattern. Inspired by Indian textiles, they also remind me of Suzani patterns which are really hot at the moment. More than anything, they're just super fun for the summer!

Darjeeling Mugs Set/4 $40 - www.RosannaInc.com

Apr 18, 2008

Love it! - Silhouette tables

Love the silhouette of these, well, "Silhouette Tables" from Brocade Home. Minimal white along with feminine curves add that subtle bit of design interest. Available as a desk, dining and console tables.

Silhouette Tables $499 and up - www.BrocadeHome.com

Love it! - French iron basket

What a glorious French-made iron basket. In the Winter, collect wood logs and in the Summer, store flip-flops and beach towels in your foyer.

Rustic Iron Basket 14"hx17"dia. $105.60 - www.FrenchGardening.com

Apr 17, 2008

Love it! - Ikat throw pillows

Go bold this summer with these Ikat patterned throw pillows. Affordable enough to switch out seasonally, they'll give that boost to keep your living room from getting stale.

Ikat Throw Pillow Cover 20x20 $25 (insert +$14) - Pottery Barn

Love it! - Room candles

Lafco is a wonderful hi-end company carrying beautifully scented products. I've already featured their Santa Maria Novella potpourri, but this time I had to highlight their House & Home candles. A variety of scented candles perfectly created to compliment the different rooms in your home - my favorite is the Family Room's Cortland Apple.

House & Home Candle Collection $52 each - www.LafcoNY.com

Apr 16, 2008

Love it! - Living With Zen book

This is a really fantastic coffee table book - I have it myself. If you or a friend loves minimal, Zen, spa-like design, than this book is a must have. Beautiful photos, homes and decorating ideas - this large hardcover would make a substantial looking gift as well!

Living With Zen by Ou Baholyodhin - www.Amazon.com

Love it! - Trolley

My mom uses a trolley like these - so easy to condense and store. When going to the supermarket or farmer's market, they're a perfect accessory for getting those heavy groceries home.

Travel Trolley $60 - www.TheGardener.com

Apr 15, 2008

Love it! - Woven candle holders

With three sizes, these woven candle holders are ideal for any occasion. Perfect this Summer for outdoor entertaining - hang the large ones from a tree, or use the small tea light holders to adorn a table setting or align a walkway.

Woven Candle Holders $12-$59 - West Elm

Love it! - Chain link rug

I love this chain link rug so much that I want to buy it for myself. The only problem is that I don't have a place for it, unless I get rid of my existing rug - argh!

Chain Rug $149-$799 - Pottery Barn

Apr 14, 2008

Love it! - Pink goblet

I've seen French bistro glasses before, even with the cute bee embossment, BUT never in pink - how sweet! Use for hot cocoa, wine or desserts. Amazing how just the slightest tint of color can make a world of difference.

Pink French Bee Bistro Footed Wine Glasses Set/6 $65.50 - Sur La Table

Love it! - Cube ottoman

This Asian inspired pattern really does it for me. Take a simple cube ottoman and upholster it in a stylish fabric and suddenly it becomes a must have accent piece.

Poco Cube $229 - Crate & Barrel

Apr 11, 2008

Love it! - Metal accent tables

Love how delicate and chic these metal accent tables are - forget wood, make a unique statement with these nature inspired designs.

Marble Twig Table $349
Pompeii Table $898

Love it! - Plaid passport covers

Have travel plans this summer? Well travel in style with these cute tartan passport covers.

Tartan Plaid Passport Cover $25 each - www.RoomServiceHome.com

Apr 10, 2008

Love it! - Rattan chairs

What a gorgeous rattan chair with all its detailed lattice work. Available in five colors, you'll be sure to find one suited to your taste. Start your outdoor entertaining with these amazing chairs you'll never want to leave - they'll have you and your guests chatting all night long!

Lela Dining Chair $179 each
- Pottery Barn

Love it! - Beverage dispenser

Continue your outdoor entertaining set up with this fantastic beverage dispenser. Lemonade, fruit punch - cool off with your favorite drink, and look cool doing it!

Beverage Dispenser Small/Large $162-$212 - www.RoomServiceHome.com