Jun 29, 2010

Love it! - Cane coverlet

As soon as I opened the homepage of Horchow.com - the image of this gorge cane coverlet popped up and I knew it was by blog of the day! I love a cane motif in unexpected incarnates such as this embossed coverlet. Available in these sublime colors ways, your bed will look inviting, warm and classic.

www.Horchow.com - Cane Matelasse Coordinates

Jun 28, 2010

Love it! - Outdoor chic

For your outdoor 4th of July celebrations, go the unexpected route with these chic black and white pavilion, market umbrella and votive holders - then go Red White and Blue with table decor and mini flag accessories! But with these black and white classics from www.zgallerie.com reuse them year round for any occasion!

www.zgallerie.com - all available and more!

Jun 24, 2010

Style Story - West Elm Fall preview

I just popped into my local West Elm and was delighted to see they had on display their Fall preview! Ikat, chevron and totem patterns, hammered metal, woven baskets, trays and boxes with an ethnic and tribal theme - my fave! I had to snap away on my phone's camera to share with you all - I even took the liberty of arranging a pillow display on a sofa - One of which I ended up buying! So make sure to pop by your local West Elm or visit their website to see these goodies and more!


Jun 18, 2010

Love it! - Kilim rug

When it comes to stylish tribal print rugs, West Elm is my go to source. I frequently check their website for new releases, and just yesterday, I was thrilled to see they had just posted their newest offerings - included was this stunningly graphic, iron and straw colored kilim in a kite/diamond pattern - a must have when making a bold ethnic statement!

www.westelm.com - Kite Kilim Rug $39-$649

Jun 15, 2010

Love it! - Anna Wintour's office chair

So I might be a little obsessed with "The September Issue" - the documentary following Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue magazine and staff in the making of the September 2007 issue, the largest in Vogue history. Owning the DVD, I've watched it about five times and with as many fabulous moments that stand out, there is one design element that I can never seem to ignore - Mrs. Wintour's office chair! As we get a peek into her overwhelmingly cream and traditionally designed office, mouldings and all, I can't help but notice the stark contrast of her industrial steel office chairs - I'm simply perplexed by the choice. While it is classic vintage design i would expect a plush cushioned French or English silhouette with a stunning upholstered pattern - quite the contrary. But the latter works beautifully in modernizing the space, and I suppose that's what makes her the taste maker she is!

www.SundanceCatalog.com - 1934 Dining Chair - $245 each

Jun 14, 2010

Love it! - Woven desk chair

I'm always on the look out for desk chairs that don't look like the typical desk chair. You know what I mean, the standard black plastic or leather executive office styles. Why can't a desk chair just look like a beautiful chair? Well I was roaming my local Pottery Barn this past weekend when I stumbled across this beautiful woven rattan style and can honestly say it was a first - I just had to blog about it!

www.Potterybarn.com - Wingate Rattan Swivel Desk Chair $399

Jun 11, 2010

Love it! - Glass desk

Why settle for a glass, metal or wood desk when you can have all in one! Taking all three materials makes for a well balanced and dynamic piece. The transparent glass top is great for a smaller space creating less visual blockage and the sleek mid century base with just a touch of steel updates this silhouette and gives it a pop of industrial chic!

www.CrateandBarrel.com - Strut 70" Work Table $699

Jun 9, 2010

Love it! - Woven chair

To mix up the textures in your room, a natural woven chair is always a safe bet. Neutral in color, natural in material - it's never offensive to the existing decor in place. And in a recent visit to West Elm I sat in this chair - it was comfortable to boot!

www.westelm.com - Modern Weave Armchair $369.99