Nov 25, 2008

Market Profile - Williams Sonoma Home

The higher priced parent company to Pottery Barn and WestElm, Williams-Sonoma Home is a diverse treasure chest of all things beautiful. From reproduced Garden Maze Art, originally printed in 1685, to an unexpected ribbed blue and white table lamp - it's their attention to detail and distinctiveness that make them a one stop shop. Some of these products and much more are currently on sale, so act fast!

Note from the Williams-Sonoma companies:
For every $250 you spend at a Williams-Sonoma Home store this weekend, you will receive a $50 gift card for future purchases. And, don’t forget to tell your readers to come back December 1st when our Holiday Floor Model sale begins at all locations. See stores for details and visit www.wshome.com to find a location near you.

For every $50 you spend on merchandise in Williams-Sonoma stores between November 28 and 30 you’ll receive a $10 coupon to redeem when the holiday festivities are over.

Save Big on Furniture at West Elm. Save 10% on any furniture purchase at our west elm retail locations November 28 – November 30. Holiday trim is also on sale for 20% off through December 11. See stores for details and visit www.westelm.com to find a location near you.

Nov 24, 2008

Love it! - Metal desk

If you weren't a note writer before, doesn't this blackened metal desk make you want to catch up on your correspondence? Totally old school, I can almost smell the wax seal!


Nov 20, 2008

Market Profile - India Rose

If you think these are flirty Summer dresses, look closer - they're laundry bags! How cute are they! For those of you who carry your clothes to a laundromat, do it in style. But why stop at laundry, these bags can be used for carrying anything under the sun. And if you aren't in need of a bag, check out India's ruffled shower curtains. Three words - feminine, fun, fashionable. All available through www.BurkeDecor.com


Nov 19, 2008

Style Story - Oriental vanities

I've seen these antique and reproduction oriental cabinets for some time now, but I've never seen them used as sink vanities - genius! I don't know why it never occurred to me, but I love how GreenteaDesign.com takes traditional cabinets and outfits them for a truly zen, powder room experience!


Nov 17, 2008

Market Profile - www.DianeJamesHome.com

A year ago I blogged about Diane James' faux flower and plant arrangements. At the time, in order to purchase her beautiful creations you had to find a local retailer - not always the easiest to do. Well you can imagine how elated I was when she notified me that you can now order directly online through her new website - www.DianeJamesHome.com. If you're like me, you've at some point made a promise to buy fresh flowers weekly - a little way to treat yourself while beautifying your home. Well after a week or two, I never seem to keep it up - dieing flowers and money I can't justify throwing away. But with Diane's realistic faux-fauna, they'll pay for themselves. Adorn your foyer table, dresser top, or my favorite - on a beautiful tank tray in the powder room!


Nov 13, 2008

Love it! - TonicHome.com Table lamp

This is such a fantastic lamp on so many levels - the traditional pedestal base balanced by the simple cylindrical shape. Add to that the glossy lacquer finish for a bit of glamour and then brown banding to break up the stark white base. Perfection!


Nov 12, 2008

Love it! - Corkscrew

The festive holidays will inevitably have you drinking quite a bit (never drink and drive please) so why not impress your guests with this georgous replica of an antique design by Fredrick Whelan circa 1881.

Note: Online sale for $61.99 so act fast!

Nov 11, 2008

Market Profile - www.Wisteria.com

Whenever I'm looking for something great to blog about, I'll always find a surplus on www.Wisteria.com. Varying styles and periods - American and Asian to European design collide on this wonderfully curated site. Here's just a taste to wet your appetite!


Nov 10, 2008

Style Story - Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back with a vengeance - and they're not your grandmother's either. If you're bored with solid colors, wallpaper is a perfect alternative to add texture and pattern to an otherwise bland space. If you're daring enough to cover the entire room, go for it, but keep your furniture and accessories minimal. And if you just want a touch of punch, wallpaper one accent wall. For these fabulous options below and more, www.Burkedecor.com has you covered, no pun intended!


Nov 7, 2008

Love it! - Yellow console table

The other day while searching for the November 5th NY Times (no luck) I came across CB2, so thought I'd instead search for something great to blog about. As soon as I saw this glossy yellow console I stopped in my tracks. Beyond the fact that it's my favorite color, the design and price were minimal as well! Never be afraid to add a splash of color - whenever I see my bright baby-blue lacquered side tables, or my vibrant-red pagoda lantern, I secretly smile inside :)


Nov 6, 2008

Love it! - Horchow.com circles

If you thought this matching mirror and console table were metal, you'd be mistaken. Carved acacia wood and finished with gold accents to give it some sheen, make them even more fantastic. The repeated circles, or any organic pattern for that matter will bring a soothing vibe to the eye. But no need to buy both, each can totally stand-out on their own!


Nov 5, 2008

Market Profile - Ballard Designs folding chairs

With the holidays fast approaching, all of our homes will be inundated with extra guests around the dinner table. While most folding chairs make me cringe, have you ever seen them look this chic? You definitely won't need to hide them under slip covers - LOVE the Chippendale back of the first one!

Note: select styles on sale so act fast!

Nov 3, 2008

Love it! - Asian candle holder

So I've been eyeing these pillar holders for weeks now. With their Asian pedestal base, scalloped top and Chinese-Red finish aged to perfection, they'll spice up any space. On the dining table or in the bedroom, there isn't a room their aura can't illuminate.