Nov 17, 2008

Market Profile - www.DianeJamesHome.com

A year ago I blogged about Diane James' faux flower and plant arrangements. At the time, in order to purchase her beautiful creations you had to find a local retailer - not always the easiest to do. Well you can imagine how elated I was when she notified me that you can now order directly online through her new website - www.DianeJamesHome.com. If you're like me, you've at some point made a promise to buy fresh flowers weekly - a little way to treat yourself while beautifying your home. Well after a week or two, I never seem to keep it up - dieing flowers and money I can't justify throwing away. But with Diane's realistic faux-fauna, they'll pay for themselves. Adorn your foyer table, dresser top, or my favorite - on a beautiful tank tray in the powder room!


1 comment:

Ann said...

Oh they look so real... and so lovely.