Jan 29, 2010

Love it! - Tribal pendant light

Taking a cue from yesterday's posting about Kuba Cloths, we're definitely seeing African patterns everywhere - here in the textiles wrapping this hanging light pendant. Available in 3 sizes, they add a tribal flare and cultural influence to an otherwise stark and nondescript space!

www.RoomAndBoard.com - Diamond Pendant (3) sizes $449 each

Jan 28, 2010

Love it! - Kuba cloth

So my favorite new find are Kuba cloths and I've been decorating my entire home with them! Sold through my friends at Pillow Pagoda, they are gorgeous one of a kind grass cloths woven into amazing geometric patterns that are the inspiration for fashion and home textiles we're seeing everywhere! The naturally dyed fibers are derived from the Kuba trees indigenous only to the Congo in Africa. I bought a smaller square cloth and with regular pin tacks adorned the wall in my office as well as 3 longer pieces in my living room (see pics below) They are literally museum quality art and every time I look at them I see the hands that spent hours weaving them!

Pillow Pagoda - KUBA CLOTH $35 each

Jan 27, 2010

Love it! - Telescoping side table

Inspired by a classic Gueridon table, this similar solid brass and granite-top side table adds versatile appeal with its telescoping pedestal base. I actually like a taller side table so the tightening screw is not only functional, but also makes for a great design detail!

www.GrandinRoad.com - Telescoping Table $199

Jan 26, 2010

Love it! - Bungee office chair

I'm literally sitting in this chair as I write this post. I've had this desk chair for over 5 years now and it's just as comfy as the day I bought it. Largely due to the bungee cords stretched over the entire seat and back - giving contour to all the right spots. I've put a thin seat cushion and fluffy throw draped over the back but by no means were they necessary. The cords are just as taught five years later and the swivel seat and ability to raise it up and down, lean back or lock it upright makes this one of the most versatile desk chairs I've ever had!

www.CB2.com - Studio Office Chair $189

Jan 25, 2010

Love it! - Luggage tags

Spring and Summer are right around the corner and so is vacation season! Get a head start tagging your luggage with these fabulous tags by Boatman Geller in a variety of fun patterns and scenes - Your bags will be sure to stand out on the conveyor belt!

www.BoatmanGeller.com - pack of (2) $12

Jan 6, 2010

Market Profile - Pillow Pagoda

Forget about mainstream retailers and their generic, lackluster throw pillows. I was converted a year ago and now only buy my throw pillows from Pillow Pagoda! Fabulous high-end, "to the trade" only fabrics, you can bet you won't be seeing the same pillows at your friends house. With patterns that we always see in the glossy home magazines, but usually can't afford, they've made chic limited-edition pillows affordable for the masses!

Pillow Pagoda

Love it! - Sawhorse table

One of my favorite table styles has to be a sawhorse table. Harking back to woodwork shops of the past, there's something so rustic yet contemporary in its architectural structure. This one from Wisteria.com is also 40% off and will look great as a desk or dining table!

www.Wisteria.com - Sawhorse Leg Table - $599.40