Jan 26, 2010

Love it! - Bungee office chair

I'm literally sitting in this chair as I write this post. I've had this desk chair for over 5 years now and it's just as comfy as the day I bought it. Largely due to the bungee cords stretched over the entire seat and back - giving contour to all the right spots. I've put a thin seat cushion and fluffy throw draped over the back but by no means were they necessary. The cords are just as taught five years later and the swivel seat and ability to raise it up and down, lean back or lock it upright makes this one of the most versatile desk chairs I've ever had!

www.CB2.com - Studio Office Chair $189

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Anonymous said...

Wow - deja vu. I'm working on converting a small under the stairs closet into an office. I've been lookiing at chairs and this one caught my eye. However, I was reluctant to take the leap because I was concerned about the bungee cords seat. I don't suppose you could post a picture? Or send me one - I know too much trouble - but I'd like to get a visual. Other question the legs seem compact compard to others I've seen - my space is small so I'm also wondering if this is true.