Dec 22, 2007

Love it! - Croc photo brag book

Keep your fondest memories with you at all times. Show off your kids, family and friends in style with this monogrammable Brag Book from Horchow. Croc-embossed calfskin in a range of the hottest colors will only enhance the photos within!

Croc-Embossed Brag Book (holds 20 4"x6" photos) $60-$70 - www.Horchow.com

Dec 21, 2007

Love it! - World Market screen

Not only do I love the stylish lattice design of this wooden screen, but the price isn't bad either! And if you're brave enough to take on a weekend project, prime and paint it a bold color like Hot Pink or Kelly Green for a modern look. While the screen only comes in brown, courtesy of Photoshop I've given you a glimpse into the possibilities - Now that's a dramatic and functional way to punch up any room!

Shanghai Screen 60"x72"H $199 - www.WorldMarket.com

Market Profile - Ralph Lauren dog ware

How cute is Ralph Lauren's dog ware collection?! Apparently classic American apparel truly has gone to the dogs! So if you want your "best friend" to look as good as you, then consider this doggie trench and more! Gosh, I guess wardrobe staples apply to pets too!

All available online at www.RalphLauren.com

Dec 20, 2007

Love it! - Mac laptop cases

Ok, with all of the protective cases I see for iPods, I've always wondered about laptops? Well that is until I saw these leather cases from Case-Mate.com. Their Signature Suits are available in a bunch of fun colors for your 13", 15" and 17" MacBooks.

Signature Suits for MACBooks $119.99 and up - www.Case-Mate.com

Dec 19, 2007

Love it! - Retro Ice Cream Cups

When it comes to guilty pleasures, it's ice cream for me! Love a good milkshake or bowl of ice cream, which is why I went crazy for these 50's inspired cups. Available in sets of 4, they'll be just as colorful as the ice cream you put in them!

Available online at www.RosannaInc.com
SF Milkshake Cups $40/set of 4 different colors
SF Ice Cream Cups $30/set of 4 different colors

(both sets come in a hexagon gift box)

Market Profile - Prairie Rugs

If you're looking for an area rug, whether it's for your living room, bedroom or kitchen, you might want to consider these environmentally friendly and extremely affordable rag rugs. They're hand-made from recycled cotton rags (pre-consumer) that were originally intended to make bedding and acquired from textile mills in India. The rags are sorted and the best grades are washed with a bio-degradable soap (no bleach). The rags are dyed using high quality low-impact organic dyes and the cotton strips are then rinsed three times in separate tubs of fresh water. This triple washing removes the residual dye and helps prevent color transfer. The residual dye water is used to irrigate vegetables and mango trees that surround the manufacturing plant. After drying in the sun, the colored rags are woven by hand on manual looms. No child labor is used and the workers are paid fairly with healthcare for their families. Knowing how responsibly these rugs are made just enhances their beauty!

A 6'x9'retails for $199
Available in 5 sizes and a variety of colors.
Contact www.PrairieRugs.com for local retailers.


Dec 18, 2007

Market Profile - Loll Designs

Wondering why I'm featuring Adirondack chairs in the middle of the winter when they're traditionally seen during the summer time? Well Loll Designs' outdoor furniture is made from 100% recycled post consumer high density polyethylene, a plastic resin used in products and packaging such as milk jugs, detergent bottles, margarine tubs and garbage containers. Post consumer HDPE is a material or finished product that has served its intended use and has been recovered from waste destined for land fills. So while your wooden outdoor furniture is either deteriorating in the winter weather or just stored away, you can keep these all-weather pieces proudly displayed for generations to come! Good looking, functional and environmentally friendly - Now that's what I call a triple threat!

Starting at $299 for an adult Adirondack chair, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors - available online at www.LollDesigns.com

Dec 17, 2007

Love it! - Sunburst mirror

The only thing more striking than the looks of this sunburst mirror is it's affordable price! What a statement it would make in your foyer or over your bed. Every day should be this sunny!

Soleil Mirror 18.5"Dia. $125 - www.JaysonHomeandGarden.com

Love it! - Agraria's cane covers

Ok, so I would never recommend a scented product unless I have personally smelled it, used it and loved it. So while I have not used Agraria's Candles and Room Colognes, what I did go crazy for are their signature woven cane covers - Yes, this posting is just about the Cane Covers! What can I say, I'm a sucker for good design. So even after your candle has completely evaporated, don't fret, you'll still be left with a totally chic glass in which to put a new votive or tealight. But better yet, think outside of the box and use it as a pencil cup - Now that's bang for your buck!

available online at Agraria - www.AgrariaHome.com
Woven Cane Candles $50 each
Cologne Spray $40 each

Love it! - Silver rack

Love the versatility and classic design of this silver rack from Source Perrier. Use it for a hi-style breakfast, or on your desk for notes and mail.

Silver Rack $45 - www.SourcePerrier.com

Dec 16, 2007

Love it! - I See Me personalized books

I just discovered the most perfect gift for any child 0-10 years old. These personalized books by I See Me beautifully illustrate the letters of your child's FIRST and LAST name while telling an adorable story. They have two books, the first is a unisex Animal theme and the second a Fairy Tale for girls, both start with a dedication page personalized with their name, birth date and a message from the giver. See below for just a small portion of the books. Costing $29.95 each, they're perfect for any gifting occasion. I ordered one for my niece - It's something that she'll always have to remember me by and that's just priceless!

877-281-0536 (8am-5pm CST)
$29.95 each - 8.5"x11" Hardcover, professionally bound.
Adding a Middle name is $4.95 extra.
Optional "Keepsake gift box & bow" is $4.95 extra.
FOR RUSH DELIVERY: select 3-Day Air domestic deliveries - $14.95 per item.
Your item(s) will arrive 3 business days after your order date. If you order after 8PM or on the weekend, your order will be processed the next business day, and will arrive 3 business days after that.

Dec 14, 2007

Love it! - Saitek Notebook Mouse

Ok, so the only thing cuter than a white mouse is one in any of these delectable colors! Intended for laptops, they're a bit smaller than the average desktop mouse. But not to worry, the larger standard size will be available next year, along with a bevy of additional colors. In the meantime, these four are compatible with PC's and Macs, as well as with laptops and desktops. Too cute!

Notebook Optical Mouse - $15.99 at www.Amazon.com
Also available directly at - http://saitekusa.stores.yahoo.net/mice.html
Mac & PC compatible, USB, 3 buttons & scroll wheel, approx. 4"x2"x1"

Love it! - Gold leather dictionary

I know, looking up words manually is so last century when you can just log on to Dictionary.com. But this gold leather Merriam-Webster's dictionary is so glam that you'll be keeping it at arms length. Have you ever seen a dictionary so tempting?

Gold Goat-Leather Dictionary 7.5"x10"x2" $172 - www.JaysonHomeandGarden.com

Dec 13, 2007

Love it! - Brazilian Agate

There's nothing more beautiful than what nature can create on it's own. These stunning agate (geological rock) ornaments, coasters, bowls and plates/trivets are just transparent enough to illuminate their one-of-a-kind patterns.

Agate Ornaments $49/ set of 6 - www.VivaTerra.com
Agate Coasters $55/ Set of 4 - www.RedEnvelope.com
Agate Bowls $50 each - www.UncommonGoods.com
Agate Plates $65 each - www.VivaTerra.com