Dec 3, 2007

Love it! - OHSO travel toothbrush

No, not a pen, a toothbrush - but nobody has to know! Keep it in your bag, pocket or at work for those impromptu mid-day cleanings. Feeling self-conscious after lunch? Well no need to fret, this compact travel toothbrush by OHSO, is "oh-so" handy! It's really easy to use, just unscrew the brush head, then screw in your favorite toothpaste and twist the bottom knob to suck the toothpaste in like a vacuum. Then put the head back on and twist the knob the opposite way to push the tooth paste out through the brush. No need for a toiletry kit with this all-in-one. Available in different finishes and for only $20, it also makes an easy gift that anyone can use!

OHSO $20 - Available in stores or online at www.Go-ohso.com

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