Dec 13, 2007

Love it! - Brazilian Agate

There's nothing more beautiful than what nature can create on it's own. These stunning agate (geological rock) ornaments, coasters, bowls and plates/trivets are just transparent enough to illuminate their one-of-a-kind patterns.

Agate Ornaments $49/ set of 6 - www.VivaTerra.com
Agate Coasters $55/ Set of 4 - www.RedEnvelope.com
Agate Bowls $50 each - www.UncommonGoods.com
Agate Plates $65 each - www.VivaTerra.com


Deanna Niles McConnell said...

Hi! I have my own art/design blog so I'm always looking for lovely stuff and I ADORE the Brazilian agate on this. If you're interested in more Central and South American goods, and really from all over, I always have great luck on Fair Trade Federation's website--www.fairtradefederation.org. You can use their database to search. Love the blog, keep it up!

Cakespy said...

Gosh, I kind of remember agate as the "cool" souvenir when my parents would take me to the Natural History Museum. I see it's grown up though! Awesome finds!