Dec 17, 2007

Love it! - Agraria's cane covers

Ok, so I would never recommend a scented product unless I have personally smelled it, used it and loved it. So while I have not used Agraria's Candles and Room Colognes, what I did go crazy for are their signature woven cane covers - Yes, this posting is just about the Cane Covers! What can I say, I'm a sucker for good design. So even after your candle has completely evaporated, don't fret, you'll still be left with a totally chic glass in which to put a new votive or tealight. But better yet, think outside of the box and use it as a pencil cup - Now that's bang for your buck!

available online at Agraria - www.AgrariaHome.com
Woven Cane Candles $50 each
Cologne Spray $40 each

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