Jun 15, 2010

Love it! - Anna Wintour's office chair

So I might be a little obsessed with "The September Issue" - the documentary following Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue magazine and staff in the making of the September 2007 issue, the largest in Vogue history. Owning the DVD, I've watched it about five times and with as many fabulous moments that stand out, there is one design element that I can never seem to ignore - Mrs. Wintour's office chair! As we get a peek into her overwhelmingly cream and traditionally designed office, mouldings and all, I can't help but notice the stark contrast of her industrial steel office chairs - I'm simply perplexed by the choice. While it is classic vintage design i would expect a plush cushioned French or English silhouette with a stunning upholstered pattern - quite the contrary. But the latter works beautifully in modernizing the space, and I suppose that's what makes her the taste maker she is!

www.SundanceCatalog.com - 1934 Dining Chair - $245 each

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The Princess & The Pea said...

I LOVE these chairs and am ashamed to say I missed them in The September Issue, I will have to watch it again!