Sep 16, 2008

Project - DIY end tables to coffee tables

So my re-design continues! Last week I happened upon an antique store and found these two fabulous rattan end tables with glass-tops, 22.5" in height. I loved the symmetrical geometric pattern of the bent rattan from the top view, but was in no need of end tables, rather a new coffee table. Well this is where you think outside of the box. I immediately saw the potential of sawing down the legs and creating a pair of coffee tables. I purchased them together for $160 and with a $15 saw I picked up at Home Depot, I had the 18.5" standard coffee table height I wanted. Measuring 4 inches from the bottom of the legs, I wrapped painters tape as a guide and started sawing - now you'd bet they were originally coffee tables! :)


Dracofly said...

love them!

Anonymous said...

Very Cool!

kay* said...

looks great! and the colour appears to fit in perfectly with your decor. they'd look great painted too i think.