Oct 11, 2010

Love it! - Zebra cowhide rug

I must say I'm a sucker for a zebra print anything - but when I was at my local WestElm the other day I found myself standing atop this gorge zebra cowhide rug! Now I admit, many years ago such a hide used to gross me out a tad, but years of design magazines later have warmed me up to the idea of one. Maybe beneath my corner of conversational arm chairs - a chic nook that would make eh?!

www.WestElm.com - Zebra Cowhide $599


Ann said...

That's really a nice find:)

Sanity Fair said...

I'm in love with zebra rugs to the point of obsession - no idea why. But West Elm has been impressive lately anyway. They've stuck to making the classics well while venturing into some lovely new designs (the silhouette series, particularly).
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