Nov 28, 2007

Love it! - HENRI BENDEL Vanilla Bean

I know there are a lot of candles and scented things out there, but I had to share one of my all-time favs. Years ago, my friend had received this candle as a gift. I smelled it and loved it, so she in turn gave one to me as a gift. It's called Vanilla Bean by Henri Bendel. I'm usually very sensitive to strong scents, getting headaches easily, but this one was pleasantly different - for starters it doesn't hit you like a ton of bricks! While I normally like vanilla scents over anything floral or "perfumey", it's a vanilla unlike most. Hard to explain, but there's a slight trace of musk to balance out the typical cupcake "sweetness" found in most others. I guess I would say it's a toned-down, mature vanilla - unique. Available through Bath & Body Works, or Henri Bendel - the best part is that it's long lasting!

Vanilla Bean 4"H $30 - available online at www.HenriBendel.com and in stores.
Also available at select Bath & Body Works stores.

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