Nov 7, 2007

Style Story - Zebra print

Hmmm ... what can I say about zebra print? It's such a touchy subject isn't it? People either hate it or love it. Well, just as I'm treading lightly in writing this caption, it's probably best to do the same when incorporating zebra into your home. The key is remembering that less is more - you don't want your guests to feel like they're on safari! Unless you're going for a big statement, use it sparingly - maybe one large piece like a rug or chair and then smaller accessories like a pillow or tray to compliment. A touch of the exotic can be so stylish and just enough to awaken a quiet room!

Zebra Rug $179 and up - Pottery Barn
Zebra-stripe Armchair $1,069 - Horchow
Black Printed Umbrella $39.50 - J.Crew
DKNY Zebra Haircalf Tote $325 - Bloomingdales.com
Zebra Garden Stool - www.Dovecote-Westport.com
Crosby Stool $1,500 - Williams Sonoma Home
Zebra Pillow Cover $34/cover $13/insert - West Elm
Zebra-Stripe Bench $339 - Horchow
Zebra Hide Rug $559 - Horchow
Animal Beaded Pillow in zebra $68 - Williams Sonoma Home
Italian Zebra Luggage $635 and up - Horchow
Zebra-Stripe Chair $1,129 - Horchow
Personalized Zebra-print Cards/Notes/Labels $58 and up - Horchow
Laminated Zebra Wastebasket & Tissue Box $75/$45 - William Wayne & Co.
Zebra Duvet Cover & Sham $129 and up - Pottery Barn

1 comment:

Gena Cornett said...

What?? There are people that don't love zebra? Ok, I agree, it can be overdone, but a little zebra adds a dash of exotic excitement to the right decor scheme. I think it helps to accessorize around some matching elements - native wood bowls or mirrors, African masks, etc. And don't forget the teen/tween scene - they can go all zebra in a bedroom and it can still look great. Thanks for a fun article - love the pics and the product links.