Nov 8, 2007

Love it! - Magazine holder

If you're like me, you have countless magazines and catalogs laying around. For the longest time I've been meaning to get them all organized, but had to first research magazines holders, yes, a production in itself! So after much market research and one return (the first pick was too flimsy) I found my ideal magazine file. Ok, the criteria - First I wanted a neutral beige, linen-ish type look - that way it will match any decor. Second it had to have a good weight, as leaning magazines can tip the whole thing over (learned that the hard way with pick #1) And lastly they had to be affordable and a substantial size - what's the point if you can only fit four magazines? So I finally found the Dover Magazine File at The Container Store. It has the perfect depth for those larger magazines, a faux-leather lining and faux-linen textured exterior. Did I mention it's the perfect beige? Initially I bought four, but loved them so much I went back to buy more!

Dover Magazine File in Stone $14.99 each - The Container Store

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