Nov 28, 2007

Love it! - Mint Julep Cups

So the story goes - Mint Julep, a Southern tradition consisting of bourbon, sugar, ice and mint, was originally drank from a silver cup, thus the modern-day "Mint Julep Cup". But this cup, in its many variations, has evolved - now most commonly used as a vase. I just love their beaded detailing, classic beauty and total versatility. Whether you use it as a vase or even a pencil cup, adorning your bedside table or desk, it's a must have accessory that will always serve a purpose!

Mint Julep Cup silverplate 4-1/8"H $18 (extra for monogramming) - www.MonogrammedGifts.com
Martha Stewart Small Nickel 5"H $12.99 - www.Kmart.com
Martha Stewart Large Nickel 7"H $14.99 - www.Kmart.com
Silverplate Julep Cup 4.5"H $17.50 - www.William-Wayne.com
Mint Julep Cup Silverplated 5-3/4"H $11.99 - www.Save-on-crafts.com

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