Nov 12, 2007

Love it! - White Samsung TV

Am I the only one who always prefers electronics in white? I'm always amazed how often you don't see white TVs, cell phones, stereos and the like (unless they're Macs of course). But otherwise, always the standard black and silver - wouldn't it be just as easy if not easier to make things in white, I mean, they don't even have to add the color! I've even considered using white spray paint, that is until I came to my senses. So you can imagine how delighted I was to find this glossy white flatscreen TV by Samsung, available in 19" and 23" - now I just have to find a white DVD player, argh!

Samsung LNT2354H 23" LCD HDTV White - Amazon.com


Anonymous said...

ive got the same tv in 32", totally awesome, except lack of white dvd player. im using an xbox premium edition until i can find one

peter said...

cannot agree more,white is beautiful!just ordered a white samsung 22" tv - - cannot wait for it to arrive - - cheers.

Anonymous said...

nope, you're not the only one, i exactly own this TV in 32inch ..... they should offer more stuff in white, 'cos black or grey don't always match the style your living room has....... and besides that, a turned off white TV looks nice because of the white frame and the black space in between.... but I'm still looking for a white DVD player ^^

I&N said...

I loved the 32'', my sis got me to turn white and it looks a lot better and sooths the atmosphere in the living room.
As for a white DVD player, check this model out: Samsung - DVD-H1080W