Dec 30, 2008

Love it! - Wood chest

When I saw this chest, I literally jumped out of my seat. It was that knee-jerk reaction when you see something so special and you connect with it on all levels. I don't even know where to start - the antique metal pulls and key holes, ball feet, gorgeous wood and molding creating shapes that hark back to Asian-Chippendale, American-Indian, South American - the list goes on. I can't stop looking at it!

www.RoomServiceHome.com - Saratoga Chest $1599

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Sophie @ Century Finds said...

I was leafing randomly through the September 08 issue of Architectural Digest last night when I came across a very similar chest (page 184). I did a double take and had to come back here to comment. The original is apparently an 18th C Italian commode. The decoration is slightly different but it has a similar shape and the same feet. And I imagine costs a lot more than $1599! You can see it here: