Dec 1, 2008

Love it! - Heifer International

So you want to give a gift that keeps on giving? Well consider Heifer International. Targeting world hunger and poverty since 1944, they've helped millions around the world in more than 125 countries. By providing livestock and agricultural training, they are helping the impoverished become self-reliant. Once given an animal, each recipient agrees to pass on one of that animal's offspring to another person in need and so on. If you go to Heifer's website, you can choose from a variety of animals and agricultural tools to donate towards. If you can't afford the entire animal, they give you the option of buying a share of one. For instance, one heifer would cost $500 or $50 for one share. Likewise, one goat costs $120 or $10 for one share. You can buy multiple shares of the same animal or you can buy shares of a variety of animals. And since this is the season of gifting, you can make your donation in honor of someone else. Once you make your purchase online or by phone, Heifer will automatically mail you an "Honor Card", which is a certificate for you to fill out and give to the recipient letting them know what you've donated on their behalf. What an idea!


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