Dec 8, 2008

Love it! - "Equus" by Tim Flach

If you love horses as I do, this coffee table book is the best I've seen. Photographer Tim Flach captures these beautiful animals in the most poetic of ways - you would think it was choreographed. Artistic, raw, graceful and powerful, Equus is a stunning book packed with photographs worthy of a gallery show. In their natural habitat as well as controlled studio shots, I purchased it while searching for artistic horse photographs to frame in my home. If you can't afford the original photographs, as most of us can't, here's a tip - buy a coffee table book and cut out the high-quality pages to frame. And if you can't bare to cut up your gorgeous book, make color copies at Kinko's!

Equus by Tim Flach - $48 www.BarnesAndNoble.com

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Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

I paint horses now and then and this looks like it would make a great reference book. It's going on my Christmas wish list! Thanks!