Dec 17, 2008

Love it! - Salt Crystal tealight holders

No, these aren't rose quartz - they're crystallized-salt tealight holders mined in the Himalayas. I have five of them - three in my bedroom and two in the living room! Hundreds of years ago, Mount Everest used to be under water. When that part of the ocean receded, all the salt remained and crystallized. These chunks of pure ocean salt do not dissolve when warmed by fire, only if placed in hot water. They work on two levels. When lit they create the most beautiful glow in natural shades of pink, orange and white. At the same time, when warmed by the fire, they emit negative-ions which neutralize the positive-ions that electronics and other forms of radiation emit into the air. Good for your health and for creating a mood - two birds with one "stone" or should I say crystal!

www.vivaterra.com $34 (set of 3)

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