Dec 3, 2008

Love it! - Green Dimes

So I just signed up for a really great service that I just had to share with you all. It's called GreenDimes and it serves to end 90% of the junk mail you receive in the mail - the unsolicited offers, generic "Dear resident" mail and unwanted catalogs of your choice - all wasted paper that you end up throwing away. Since its start in September 2006 - they've helped 185,888 people, have stopped 492,400 catalogs, saved/planted 969,115 trees and stopped 3,096,813 pounds of junk mail. It only cost $20 for the year and in addition to ending your junk mail, with that $20 they will also plant 10 trees on your behalf through non-profit tree-planting partners. For each household address, you can list all the names you don't want receiving junk mail. It does not automatically cancel your catalogs, for that you would sign in to your account that you create after paying the $20 and then you can individually list the catalogs you don't want to receive. Green Dimes will have your name(s) removed from those mailing lists.

Please consider it or at least visit the website and check it out for yourself, it is sooooo easy to do! I signed up in 5 minutes and the site is really easy to read, understand and use. The actor Matt Damon who received the service as a gift from a friend was so impressed that he joined the company's Board and has helped to promote it. Please forward this posting to your friends as well, together we can make a difference!

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