Apr 2, 2009

Style Story - Vintage desk lamps

There's something about a vintage style desk lamp that transports you back to a time when life was simpler - when computers, cell phones and emailing didn't exist. A time when writing letters and wax seals were the correspondence of the day. Books were read, bifocals were worn and knowledge was a luxury. The beauty of these lamps are not their looks alone, but also the period in time which they evoke.

www.ModernDose.com Vintage Lamp $185
www.BallardDesigns.com - Denton Tripod Lamp $289
www.WSHome.com - Loft Table Lamp $325
www.PotteryBarn.com - Adrian Boom Task Lamp $199
www.PotteryBarn.com - Wyatt Table Lamp $119
www.PotteryBarn.com - Hamilton Table Lamp $139

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