Apr 6, 2009

Contest - Diane James GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Two weeks ago, I announced our Spring Giveaway with Diane James, a faux-fauna maven in the design world. She so generously donated a gorgeous White Orchid plant with a retail value of $250. The rules were simple, I asked readers to email me a photo of a floral arrangement they created using;

-Any number of species
-Real or fake
-Any size
-For any occasion
-In any type of vessel of any size or shape

And after the deadline, I would choose 1 winning arrangement to win the faux-orchid shown here.

I chose the winning arrangement submitted by Yi-Nei in Chicago, seen at the top. She uses real White Snapdragons plus Yellow and Pink Peruvian Lilies. I chose her arrangement because there is a freshness to its overall aesthetic. Its predominantly neutral color palette of white and yellow has a controlled pop of pink and the variations in height and silhouette makes for a dynamic centerpiece. Her yellow theme effortlessly flows from flower to the gorgeous ribbed and scallop-rimmed vase right down to the yellow dresser it sits atop. In this case the vessel becomes a part of the arrangement showing great thought for continuity as it effortlessly blends into the space. The arrangement's color story, texture and tiered composition creates both a soothing yet stimulating result. It is that duality that makes it a clear winner - Congrats!

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