Apr 3, 2009

Love it! - Boatman Geller SALE!

Fun patterns and vibrant color combinations that sing, makes Boatman Geller one of my favorite stationery brands. Thus I hand picked my fave fold-over note cards currently on SALE. If you can believe it, all of these designs come 50 cards and envelops for $15 - Stock up now cause that's a bargain any way you look at it!



Boatman Geller said...

Thank you so much for your support! We want you and your readers to be aware that for a limited time several of our collections are part of our Spring Cleaning "tent sale"!

Be sure to see all these items by copying and pasting this website address into your browser: http://boatmangeller.com/products/shop.html?mode=list&flag_id=5

Sadly, Blogger doesn't allow us to post the actual link to this comment, but we hope you'll visit the page so we can help you and your readers live their style.

Thanks again,
- Boatman Geller
- info@boatmangeller.com

Sanity Fair said...

Great tip! Thanks for posting the sale scoop. I love the personalized plates they're selling too.