Jan 2, 2008

Style Story - Metal beds

Haven't you ever wanted to live during a time when life was simpler - when plastic was yet to be invented and beds had personality. Well falling asleep in one of these iron or brass beds inspired by European and American design will have you waking up feeling a little more traditional - just stay away from the corsets!

Hither Hills Brass Bed $10,000 and up - Ralph Lauren Home
Mendocino Bed $1,099 and up - Pottery Barn
Woodard Bed $1,098 - www.RoomServiceHome.com
Bethany Iron Bed (red or white) $995 and up - www.SundanceCatalog.com
Fancy Curve Bed $1,895 - www.RoomServiceHome.com
French Curve Bed $1,795 and up - www.RoomServiceHome.com
Cameo Iron Bed $439 and up - www.Horchow.com
Wellesley Bed $699 and up - www.BallardDesigns.com
Collier Bed $399 and up - www.BallardDesigns.com
St. Augustine Bed $499 and up - www.BallardDesigns.com
Genevieve Iron Bed $1,395 and up - www.SundanceCatalog.com
Boho Iron Bed $1,795 and up - www.SundanceCatalog.com
Cottage Iron Bed (black, brass or white) $399 and up - www.LLBean.com
Iron & Brass Bed $1,360 and up - www.Anthropologie.com
Nottingham Bed $845 and up - Restoration Hardware
Allison Bed $749 and up - Pottery Barn

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