Jan 15, 2008

Style Story - Adjustable stools

With just a spin of the seat, these stools go from short to tall in seconds. Inspired by antique Draftsman's stools, I love the nod to the industrial era, their functionality and mechanical aesthetic. I've put together a selection from traditional to the modern interpretations. But no matter the design, their useful ability to go from chair to bar height remains the true appeal.

Alchemy Stool $129 each- CB2 Catalog 800-606-6252
Covey Model 6 Stool $420 each- www.UnicaHome.com
Precision Stool $495 each- www.DWR.com
Modern Times Factory Stool $195 each- www.SundanceCatalog.com
Cooper's Draftsman's Stool $149 each- www.Wisteria.com
Giotto Stool(Black or Beech)$775 each- www.UnicaHome.com

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