Jan 28, 2008

Style Story - Colored glasses

So I've been seeing colored glassware everywhere, but there was a time where I didn't really understand the appeal - colored glasses just seemed a bit too loud. I think that's because you usually see a variety of color options all at once and perhaps it was the rainbow of colors that overwhelmed me. But what I've grown to appreciate and now realize can be quite chic, is selecting just one color, like blue and then it becomes a cohesive look. And if you're really daring, try doing one color in a variety of styles and shapes. You'll have a really interesting and diversified table setting, but tied together by a common color.

Blue Bubble Tumbler $9.50 each - www.Belongings.com
Tivoli Goblet $12 each - www.Anthropologie.com
Rustica Barware Set/6 $45-54 - Pottery Barn
Garland Drinkware Set/4 $35-$40 - www.Horchow.com
Como Tumblers $4.95 each - Crate & Barrel
America & Mirabeau Drinkware - www.Horchow.com
Hobnail Tumblers Set/6 $49.90-$53.90 - www.Horchow.com
Faceted Drinkware Set/8 $120 - www.Horchow.com


colorthemes said...

It makes me thirsty just looking at all of them. Truly, I created an array of colors like some of these for my Christmas table setting instead of the typical reds and golds. It was stunning!

Sarah Marie said...

First time on your blog...love it! These colors are magnificent!