Jul 4, 2008

Market Profile - TS and Company

I just had to share with you all one of my favorite new discoveries. TS and Company is an awesome antiques Ebay store that sells amazing pieces from mid-century to more classical European-inspired styles. I've already purchased 5 stunning pieces from their store at the most affordable prices as far as antiques go. It's my favorite new Ebay destination. I know some might feel a little leary about Ebay purchasing, but they are very reputable and provide the best customer service. They are fair, generous and always in contact with you. Any question you might have about a piece, they immediately respond. I couldn't be happier with my dealings with them. With new pieces added regularly, they are definitely worth a look - and FYI, all of the pieces you see here are still for sale so act fast!

TS and Company

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Anonymous said...

Dang it! You just revealed my best kept ebay secret.