Jul 23, 2008

Market Profile - Farrow & Ball Paint

Farrow & Ball is the paint to the "designers". A higher-end line then the Benjamin Moore standards, they are the paint of choice when designers are looking for that unique "off the beaten path" color. Known for their chalky color selection and lack of primary colors, their price point is a little higher, but well worth it. My favorite color is "Pale Powder", a chalky pale blue, while when I called their Manhattan Soho showroom, they told me their top seller is "Elephant's Breathe", a pale purple-ish/gray neutral. You can order any of their products through their website. Paint delivered to your door - how easy is that!


1 comment:

Laurin said...

I just love the names of their paints. I'll be checking out Elephant's Breathe.

Your banner is gorgeous.