Feb 16, 2010

Style Story - Glossy traditional

It's funny how you'll see something and just know it's a find that you have to share! I love design that takes traditional elements and puts a contemporary spin on it - as is the case with these chic pieces. Traditional silhouettes, a classic urn and spindle chess piece - add a high gloss finish and you have the perfect balance of old, seen with a fresh perspective.

www.ZGallerie.com - Palazzo 12" Vase $49.95 / Mariposa Black Table Lamp $139 / White Floor Lamp $269 / Donizetti Mirror $349


Adrianna said...

These are all so glam! Love the black mirror the mostest :o)

Adrianna said...

You have some of the best post! I love the items you find.

Home Lighting said...

I love traditional-modern looking pieces, beautiful and sophisticated. You can never go wrong with those lamps :) Great post!