Dec 22, 2009

Love it! - Holiday Giveaway Results!

Wendy Submitted a photo of Williams-Sonoma at the Mayfaire Town Center in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Melissa submitted a photo of Pottery Barn on 59th Street, New York City.

Tony submitted a photo of a Williams-Sonoma at the Oakbrook Center Mall in Oakbrook, Illinois.

All 3 winners, randomly selected got to choose a Williams-Sonoma Home Cashmere Throw in the color of their choice retailing for $270!

For the second Giveaway, Williams-Sonoma Home's Sister company Pottery Barn wanted to share in the holiday Spirit donating 3 Tomlin Weekender Bags, retailing for $129 each! And in that same Spirit, we at Dose of Design wanted readers to instead submit nominees for a person they felt was deserving of winning the Tomlin Weekender Bag. Three winning letters were chosen and here they are in their entirety:

The person I am nominating is my sister. She is a nurse but at the moment she is not practicing. She is a stay at home mom with three young boys 4, 3 and 1 yrs old. She and her husband just moved into their first house this week too. But why I am nominating her is because in 2000 another sister of mine because gravely ill with stage 4 non-hodgkin's lymphoma. It was a very rare form of the cancer. Mary, the sister who is the nurse and the nominee, quit her job with a hospital in Chicago to become my other sister's private duty oncology nurse. So when my sister, Moira's husband was at work and was unable to be around Moira always had Mary. Mary would go with Moira to all her chemo treatments. Moira was given the green light in April of 2001 but wouldn't you know it the cancer relapsed a month later and she needed a bone marrow transplant. Again Mary was there with Moira as the chemo and radiation
treatments were more intense and harder on Moira's system. Moira was fortunate to have a bone marrow transplant in August 2001. Mary was with Moira in the isolation that she needed to undergo for three months afterwards. My name is Maureen Gallagher Burns. I know this person because she is my younger sister.
Palatine, Illinois

Hello and happy holidays!
I would like to enter to win the weekender bag for my husband, he is so deserving of it. In May, Joe graduated from medical school and we moved to a new state so he could start his residency a few weeks later. Since then, he has been working long, long hours for very little pay (average about $2/hour!). Many people don't realize the sacrifice new physicians make when they just start practicing. In fact, there are laws protecting them from working more than 80 hours because it's so prevalent for them to be worked longer. My husband has worked so hard in the last six months and he truly does it because he wants to heal people. I am so proud of him. Since he has started he has treated many folks with H1N1, devoted hours to make himself available to the family of patients, worked with those who just found out they have cancer, and has gone in early and left late to spend extra time with his patients. The weekender bag would be perfect for my husband when he is staying all night at the hospital and carrying an extra set of scrubs for the next day! Thank you so much for your consideration!
Wichita, Kansas

Dear DOD,
My husband and I rent a room in our house to our dear friend, Kimberly. Kimberly is a nurse who works tirelessly on 12 hour shifts to take care of others. In her free time she leads a church group for college students and sings in the choir. She's always available when people need help painting and remodeling and is always willing to drive when someone moves or needs to take a trip out to Ikea or the furniture outlets (In the DC area that is a constant need). I'm 8 months pregnant and she is constantly going above and beyond to help us keep the house clean and ready for guests and talks about how excited she is to help with the baby. I would like to thank Kimberly for being such a selfless friend. She does all the small and ordinary things with extraordinary love and generosity. She loves Pottery Barn (and bags) and I think this would be a lovely surprise for her. Thank you! I love the blog!
Washington DC

Congrats to all the winners and Happy Holidays!


suburban prep said...

Thank you so much

Mrs. Dimple said...

THANK YOU so much DOD! I can't wait to show my husband!! :)

suburban prep said...

I was at my sister's house this morning and she was too excited. She had just received the bag and was thrilled with it. She loves it. I had told her to expect something to come to her house but I really didn't tell her what. When she mentioned she had received it, I told her the reason behind the win. She said that she would do it all over again if she had to make the choice. the fact that our other sister is alive now 8 yrs later after stage 4 non-hodgkin's is a wonderful thing.

study furniture said...

Thank you. Its so amazing!