Jul 2, 2009

Love it! - Honeycomb mirror

So I wanted to share with you my latest purchase, this white honeycomb mirror from BallardDesigns.com - can you believe it's on clearance for only $160 - I know! I immediately snatched it up with the perfect spot in my foyer already chosen. Inspired by the renowned mid-century designer David Hicks and his use of the hexagon in wallpapers, rugs and fabrics (see below) this mirror definitely hearkens back to his legacy. Also available in black for $229, for me the white has a more subtle, modern, mid-century feeling. But act fast because I doubt it will be available much longer!

www.BallardDesigns.com - Octagonal Border Mirror $159.99 - $229 30"x40"

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Brisbane Hotels said...

Wow, it's so beautiful. It's classic and very unique. I love it. It matches the foyer.