Mar 30, 2009

Love it! - Greek Key dinnerware set

If you're a loyal DOD reader, you know my love for anything Greek Key! Take this hand painted porcelain dinnerware set to the outdoors for a fabulous patio soiree. Bold pattern and graphic appeal will keep your table top lively and conversation about your choice of decor even livelier!

www.ZGallerie.com - Mykonos Dinnerware Set


CouponAlbum said...

This hand painted dinnerware set is looking so beautiful... It's pattern is so cool!!

Kailey said...

Great art work.!! That hand painted porcelain dinnerware is looking fabulous. I too found a similar one at Lenox.

emily mccarthy { designer } said...

I swear - we are the same person! HA! I just LOVE your style and it's EXACTLY like mine! So glad I found your blog!