Jan 24, 2009

Contest - Williams-Sonoma Inc.

Last week I posted a teaser about our first giveaway, and you can now see Dose of Design and Williams-Sonoma Inc. have teamed up for this fantastic giveaway.

1- The first 5 readers to have their photo taken in front of any (2) of the (6) Williams-Sonoma Inc. brands and email the 2 photos to DoseofDesign@gmail.com will each win a $100 gift card!
2- Regardless of the (2) stores you took your photo in front of, the 5 winners can choose the store you want your gift card from. You'll be able to use it on that brand's website, catalog or in store.
3- Photos must have you and the storefront's signage in it.
4- The 2 photos MUST be attached to your email and the first 5 will be determined by the date and time stamp on the email once received by DoseOfDesign@gmail.com
5- Submissions MUST include: your First name only, City and State in which you took your photos.
6- Info Release: in your email you MUST also state that you agree to release your photos, your First name and location to Dose of Design so that we can post the winner's photos, First name and location, on www.DoseOfDesign.blogspot.com
7- Friends, family and employees of Williams Sonoma Inc. and Dose of Design are not eligable for this giveaway.
8- The 6 stores are: Williams-Sonoma, Williams-Sonoma Home, WestElm, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Bed & Bath and Pottery Barn Kids. To find your local store, visit that website's "Store Locator."


Good luck!

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Hillary and Russell Jordan said...

Great blog!!! Unfortunately I figure I found the contest too late. I'm excited to add you to my list of favorites!