May 16, 2008

Project - DIY spray painted lantern

So this is my first DIY project I'm sharing with you all. It started when I found these great metal pagoda candle lanterns, 20" tall. Luckily I got the last two, except I wasn't crazy about the existing color - a bit too traditional. I immediately imagined what they would look like if spray painted a bold color. Originally I was going to do yellow, but decided on a vibrant "Asian Red". So the first step was covering all of the glass panels with blue painting tape. Next was priming the entire lantern with white priming spray. Once that dried over night, I then spray painted the entire lantern red - 3 coats. After letting it dry completely, I then peeled off the blue tape covering the glass. The last step was using rubbing alcohol and Windex to clean the glass of any accidental paint mist. And there's the final product, sitting on my deck - what a difference a little spray paint can make!

Note: Whenever using spray paint, always work outdoors. The smell is very toxic and you should cover your nose and mouth as well. I used a large rag over my face to reduce inhalation. Children should never be in the vicinity.


::{J}:: said...

This is great...I always spray paint things...color makes a world of difference!

Anonymous said...

Great idea and great blog!! Love it!
Hello from Brazil..

Marie Louise said...

Love it! I'm a big fan of spray painting. It's quick and easy and always looks professional. Never fails though, I end up spraying on windy days and half the paint sails down the hill!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

This looks just fab! Super nice job.