Mar 13, 2008

Love it! - Preserve toothbrush

The Preserve toothbrush by Recycline is constructed with environmentally friendly materials to let you replace without the waste. The Preserve's materials, all of which are completely recyclable, have been selected from the highest quality post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled plastics. The handle is made of polypropylene which was chosen for its strength and flexibility. Presently their main source is from recycled Stonyfield Farm® yogurt cups. And the best part is that when you're done with it, simply return it in their postage-paid envelope assuring that your used brush will be turned into plastic lumber. No waste!

Preserve Toothbrush - www.Recycline.com
Available through their website or retailers like Wholefoods, Walmart, Trader Joe's


bcyrjewelry said...

wow, these are awesome - never heard of them! Thanks for sharing!!

becky said...

I got one of these free last year at my work's Environmental Fair and I loved it! It's curved shape allows you to get way back into your mouth for those hard-to-reach molars, and it's very thick so you won't need to go over your teeth and gums twice.

It lasted a long time, too, but I recently purchased a new toothbrush with gum scrubbers...