Apr 22, 2010

Love it! - Adirondack chair

Just when I think I've seen it all, I'm absolutely blown away! Wood, even recycled plastic, but have you ever seen a traditional Adirondack chair in Lucite?! I think I can die now! LOL :)

www.Vivre.com Lucite Adirondack Chair by Serge de Troyer $3,500

Apr 21, 2010

Love it! - Leather laptop cases

Though I don't have a laptop myself, I'm kinda tired of seeing the same spongy laptop sleeves and carrying cases! What isn't better than timeless leather like these two variations from Restoration Hardware - the first carrying case with handles and the second, an old fashioned mail carrying case with brass twist closures - and with age they'll only get better!

www.RestorationHardware.com - Artisan Leather Collection

Apr 15, 2010

Love it! - Zebra armchair

Years ago Zebra print came back in a major mainstream way, first in fashion and them home textiles and we've never looked back! Animal prints will always be classic but zebra print reigns king of the jungle when it comes to the home - and with this super sophisticated cowhide zebra and polished nickel chair - it will be the one piece in the room to put all others to shame!

Williams-Sonoma Home - Gibson Zebra Armchair $995

Apr 13, 2010

Love it! - Ikat folding chair

As far as folding chairs go, I think this padded Ikat is the most stylish I've seen in a long time. While usually taken out when extra seating is required, I wouldn't be embarrassed to showcase this darling chair year round! Use as a hall chair, desk chair, kitchen chair or vanity chair - when it looks this good the possibilities are endless!

www.Anthropologie.com - Terai Folding Chair, Ikat $198

Apr 12, 2010

Love it! - Sawhorse table

I don't know why, but anytime I see a sawhorse table I feel compelled to blog about it, especially this one from Anthropologie because its legs have an extra center cross support adding more architectural detailing. A great dining table, desk or craft counter, they are a versatile surface that is label less!

www.Anthropologie.com - Sawhorse Table $798

Apr 8, 2010

Love it! - Jonathan Adler rugs

Always a step ahead introducing retro patterns, his rugs are an industry staple. You can't open a design magazine without seeing one of his signature color combinations and patterns that merge the past with contemporary textile design.