Jul 24, 2009

Market Profile - NEW Jonathan Adler Store BROOKLYN!

For my New York City readers, if you can't get enough of our fave retro-modern designer Jonathan Adler, you can now celebrate the opening of his first Brooklyn location! Especially for those who live in Brooklyn, no more commuting to Manhattan to see your fave curiosities and chic lacquered pieces that steal the show in any room you place them. Located on Atlantic Ave, a fab interior design shopping destination, you can have brunch and then stroll on over to his shop for some of his newest offers as I've selected below - LOVE the dragon lamp!


Jul 22, 2009

Love it! - Pagoda Tulpiere

I'm still holding on to the Summer so for a gorgeous centerpiece for a foyer table, dining table or even dresser top, this white ceramic Tulpiere from Gumps.com will leave a most memorable statement. With a classic tiered pagoda silhouette in zen-white, it creates a perfect canvas for a burst of Summer color!

www.Gumps.com - $89

Jul 21, 2009

Love it! - My last week purchases

Yes, I admit it - I love to shop! But how could you not when products like these form Pottery Barn and WestElm look this good and at prices so affordable?! Plus I love changing up my decor periodically - every couple of years. I'm not saying to redesign your entire home, but changing something as simple as a duvet cover, a lamp or a mirror can completely change the feeling of a space and in turn revitalize its energy and inspire you to new directions in life. Design can definitely have that effect on your life!

PotteryBarn.com - Lamp and Mirror
WestElm.com - Duvet Cover

Jul 10, 2009

Love it! - Williams-Sonoma Home SALE!!

The parent company to beloved Pottery Barn and Westelm, Williams-Sonoma Home is just a few steps ahead on the food chain at a slightly higher price-point, but with the designs they're hocking, it's worth every extra dime. But take a look at my fave sale pieces and you would never know you were paying for top-quality paired with top-style!


Jul 7, 2009

Market Profile - www.MetroSofa.com

As you might imagine, I get a tons of product submissions in hopes of being featured on DOD and I'm always a little nervous to see what's in store upon opening that email and venturing to their website. As my loyal readers know, I only write about what I truly find noteworthy, right? Well the other day I received a submission from MetroSofa.com and upon entering their website, an image of a sofa appeared and I literally jolted back in my chair, see first image. OK, all I have to say is, INSANE! I nearly died. And for all the other hardcore design lovers out there, I think you will too. Recycled antique frames, rebuilt and reupholstered with custom fabrics and patterns to produce one-of-a-kind furniture. Ready-made pieces to chose from or design your dream piece with their team. If you aren't in need of a new sofa, arm chair or dining chair, chuck one of your existing ones and find a need. Nuff said?

http://www.metrosofa.com - Sofas depending on style, size, fabric can range on average from $1,400-2,400 (pieces ship from Florida, cost roughly from $50-$300 depending on size, location and method)

Jul 2, 2009

Love it! - Honeycomb mirror

So I wanted to share with you my latest purchase, this white honeycomb mirror from BallardDesigns.com - can you believe it's on clearance for only $160 - I know! I immediately snatched it up with the perfect spot in my foyer already chosen. Inspired by the renowned mid-century designer David Hicks and his use of the hexagon in wallpapers, rugs and fabrics (see below) this mirror definitely hearkens back to his legacy. Also available in black for $229, for me the white has a more subtle, modern, mid-century feeling. But act fast because I doubt it will be available much longer!

www.BallardDesigns.com - Octagonal Border Mirror $159.99 - $229 30"x40"